This Man Confessed (This Man #3)(12)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I feel his fingers thread through my hair, and my eyes creep up the firmness of his abs, then his chest, until I’m staring into green eyes filled with… love. Not hunger or carnal want—it’s love.

He’s not going to f**k me, he’s going to make sweet love, and he does it so well, but I’m desperate for his ferocity, desperate for him to stop treating me like I’m breakable. My hands flow back down his torso until my palms are resting on the edges of his perfect V. I lean in and kiss his stomach again before working my way up, standing as I go until I’m feeling his neck out and pulling him down to meet my lips. I lift myself gracefully to his body and link my legs around his waist, feeling his arm snake around me, holding me to him as he accepts my demand for mouth contact.

Heavy mouth contact.

Indulgent mouth contact.

All consuming mouth contact.

He doesn’t lower me to the bed. He walks me into the bathroom and straddles the chaise lounge, standing me over him. He looks up at me. ‘We need to make friends.’ I’m yanked down and our mouths crash together. ‘No one will ever stop me taking you, Ava.’ he says around our lips relentless colliding and tongue battling.

‘Good.’ I pull at his hair, trying to draw out his animalistic traits. He knows what I want and need right now, he damn well knows it, and he’s going to give it to me.

‘My girl wants it hard.’ He breaks away, and I’m the one growling this time. He stares up at me, panting and sweating. He wants to give it me as well; I can see it in the glaze of his green stare. They’re smoking out, darkening with desperation. I make him desperate.

I’m gently tugged down as he holds himself upright, ready to enter me, but I stiffen, preventing him from seizing me. I might be desperate for him, but I still have to maintain my sensibility, just like I’ve done over the past few weeks. He’s not wearing a condom, and judging by the sharper tug of my arm, he knows exactly why I’m holding back.

‘Jesse,’ My breathlessness is completely giving away my pent up lust.

‘Ava, I’m taking you now, and you’re not going to stop me with trivial f**king requests.’ He yanks me down and seals our lips, working into my mouth with deadly determination. I don’t try to resist, and I really don’t want to. This might be the hard f**k I’ve been waiting for.

He keeps our mouths locked, and then levels himself up and slides straight in. My legs naturally snake around his waist and lock at the ankles, pulling us closer together.

‘Oh Jesus,’ he pants against my mouth. ‘Fucking perfect.’

It does feel perfect. I’m swiftly reminded of the perfection that is no barrier between us. Just flesh on flesh. Me on him. I’m gasping into his shoulder and digging my nails into his biceps.

‘Move.’ I demand. ‘Please move.’

‘In time, baby. Just let me feel you for a moment.’ He takes my hands and guides them around the back of his neck where my fingers naturally feel out his hair and tug gently. Then his big hands slowly skate down my sides, over my br**sts and onto my waist. He holds me still. The only sounds in the air around us are our strained breaths. They are heavy and desperate.

Tightening his grip on my waist, he lifts me on a deep moan before letting me slide gently back down onto him. My eyes close in pure, comforted bliss, and I gasp, removing my hands from his hair so I can get them onto the firm warmth of his chest. I marvel at his solid, bunched muscles, just flawless hardness before me, screaming to be touched, begging me to feel his perfection. My insatiable hands wander all over him and smooth across his pecs as I’m lifted from his body again and grinded down, slowly and meticulously.

‘Don’t try to tell me it doesn’t feel right.’ he moans. ‘Don’t try to tell me this isn’t how we’re supposed to be.’ He works me around, circling his groin firmly. ‘Not ever.’

‘Don’t come inside me.’ I might be overwhelmed with his potency, but a small part of me is still aware of what I’m doing.

‘Don’t tell me what to do with your body, Ava. Kiss me.’

I’m blinded by his carnal words and his claim over me, my body refusing to deny him. He’s holding the power, and he knows it. My mouth drops to his and my body presses into him, a clear invitation to take me how he pleases. His head tilts back to maintain our mouth contact as I’m raised again and plunged back onto him. I groan into his mouth—a low, alluring message of submittal. I’m not thinking straight. My mind is scrambled by his energy, the painfully accurate momentum and strikes of his hips, sending me into delirious indulgence.

I hum as I’m slowly and easily lifted, time and time again. The pressure of him pushing into the deepest part of me is pleasure embodied.

‘You feel so good.’ I pant. ‘Jesse, f**k me.’ I need this harder.

‘Mouth, Ava.’ he scorns me. ‘Just like this. We stay just like this.’ His eyes clench shut and he goes rigid against me. He’s being too gentle with me. I need shock and awe. I need him to take me hard. It has been like this for weeks. And I know why.

‘Why are you being so gentle with me?’ I nuzzle into his neck, sucking and biting at him.

‘Sleepy sex.’ he moans.

‘I don’t want sleepy sex.’ That won’t have the desired effect. Yes, I’ll come, I’ll moan in pleasure and shake all over him, but I need to scream a release. I need scrubbing, not dabbing. ‘Fuck me, Jesse.’

He sucks in a sharp breath as I force myself down, hard. ‘Mouth, Ava. Jesus!’

‘Yes!’ I lift and smash back down.

‘Ava!’ He holds me still above him. ‘No, damn it.’

I can feel him throbbing inside me, his heaving chest pushing against my torso. I’m panting into his neck, my fists clenched in his hair. I tighten my grasp. ‘Stop treating me like glass.’

‘You are glass to me, baby. Delicate.’

‘But I’m not breakable. I wasn’t two weeks ago, and I’m not now.’ I try to lift myself, I need movement, but he’s got a harsh hold on me. This is another reason why I hope to God I’m not pregnant. I can’t stand this. I pull out of his neck and look into his eyes. ‘Hard. I need you hard.’

He shakes his head. ‘Sleepy.’

‘Why?’ I ask. Will he admit to what I already know?

‘Because I don’t want to hurt you.’ he whispers.

I try to keep a hold of my temper. Doesn’t want to hurt me, or doesn’t want to hurt his baby, who may not even exist? ‘You won’t.’ I feel him relax slightly, so I take the opportunity to whip myself up and right back down on a sharp, satisfied shout. He shouts, too. I know he wants to smash into me, wants to take me hard, rule me and indulge me, but he won’t and it’s driving me f**king insane.

‘Fuck!’ he yelps, ‘Fucking hell, Ava! No!’

‘Do it,’ I grasp his face and take his mouth hungrily. If I keep on, I’ll have him. ‘Own me.’ I demand, skating my lips across his cheek.

He catches them as they pass his mouth again, and his tongue enters, frantic and rushed. I’ve nearly got him.

I wickedly rise and collide with him again, prompting a sharp bark. ‘It feels good, doesn’t it? Tell me it feels good.’

‘Jesus, Ava. Please don’t.’

Up and down I go, harder, heavier. ‘Hmmm. You taste good.’ I’m driving him crazy, and I know he wants this because he could easily stop my teasing moves. ‘I need you.’

Those words are his undoing, as I knew they would be. He releases a frustrated yell and takes over my movements, squeezing my waist and wrenching me up and down on him. ‘Like that.’ he shouts, almost angry, and I know it’s because he can’t resist me.

‘Yes!’ I scream.

He’s suddenly standing, my legs still wrapped around his waist as he walks across the bathroom and trusts me up against the wall. ‘You want it hard, baby?’

‘Fuck me!’ I shout, frenziedly, tightening my legs and moving my hands back into his dark blonde mass of hair.

‘Damn it, Ava. Stop swearing!’ He withdraws and hammers back in, over and over, my screams of satisfaction ringing through the air. ‘Better?’ he grunts, hitting me hard and deep. ‘You wanted it, Ava. Is that f**king better?’ He’s really mad.

I’m pinned against the wall, absorbing his ferocious attack, and I want it even harder. I’ve had two weeks of gentle Jesse. I’ve had enough of gentle Jesse, but I can’t speak. I bore down on every advance, my signal that I do want it harder. I want it so much harder.

‘Answer the f**king question!’

‘Harder!’ I scream, grappling at his hair.

‘Fuck!’ His h*ps piston forward repeatedly, his momentum and stamina staggering, and I’m loving every hard, forceful strike. This is making up for two weeks of soft and careful.

The pit of my stomach starts to burn, and I’m knocked out by my cl**ax that rushes forward so fast, I don’t have a chance to prepare myself for it. I explode, my eyes clenching shut, my head thrown back on a desperate scream.

‘I’m not done yet, Ava.’ he shouts, shifting his hands under my thighs and powering forward.

Neither am I. That orgasm has sent me dizzy, but there is another on the way, assisted rapidly by his relentless power. I find his lips and kiss him deeply, tightening my legs around his h*ps to the point of pain and boring down as he thrusts up, my screams and his yells colliding between our mouths. ‘Yes!’ I throw my head back. ‘Oh God!’

‘Eyes!’ he shouts severely.

I obey immediately and fist my hands in his hair as he stops dead, heaving and sweating. The fire at my core recedes immediately, but then he groans and rears back, and I brace myself for more power. He strikes, really hard. My back smashes against the wall on a shocked yell, but he doesn’t give me time to gather myself. He pulls straight back and hits me with another forceful pound. He’s lost any control he had. This is going to be really hard. I strengthen my grip on his hair and try to flex my legs, giving him the access his body is demanding.

‘Hard enough for you, Ava?’ he shouts, thrashing into me again.

‘Yes!’ I scream. I wouldn’t dream of stopping this.

He’s unforgiving. He repeatedly drives into me, each hit getting harder and harder. My mind is blanking out, my body has gone lax, and I’m sky high on pleasure. But then I feel my back leaving the wall as I’m yanked forward and taken to the bed. He practically throws me down and flips me onto my hands and knees before taking a standing position behind me and grabbing my hips. He re-enters me on a brutal pound and a frenzied bark, yanking me back to meet him with each advance of his powerful hips. My face goes straight into the sheets, my hands grasping at the material, a full on sweat breaking out. I’m soaking wet.

‘Jesse!’ I scream his name in delirious, delightful despair.

‘You wanted it, Ava. Don’t f**king complain.’ He bangs into me again, harder still. He’s releasing all of the pent up, animalistic power he’s been suppressing for way too long. He’s really lost control, and a small part of me is wondering if he’s doing this on purpose—trying to shock me or scare me back into the realms of sleepy sex. He’s going to fail miserably if that’s his plan. My body needs this. I need this.

I drag my twisted mind back to now and focus on meeting his power with acceptance. I accept all of it, the violent accumulation of pressure in my belly working its way straight to my core, ready for detonation. This is going to blow my brain clean out of my head.

‘Harder!’ I shout, grasping at the sheets.

‘Ava!’ His fingers flex on my h*ps and clamp down, the unforgiving hold on my sensitive area not bothering me in the slightest. I’m too busy concentrating on the body splitting orgasm that’s looming.

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