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Katharine Kerr Collection

Katharine Kerr Collection



Even as a young girl, Jill was a favorite of the magical, mysterious Wildfolk, who appeared to her from their invisible realm. Little did she know her extraordinary friends represented but a glimpse of a forgotten past and a fateful future. Four hundred years-and many lifetimes-ago, one selfish young lord caused the death of two innocent lovers. Then and there he vowed never to rest until he’d righted that wrong-and laid the foundation for the lives of Jill and all those whom she would hold dear: her father, the mercenary soldier Cullyn; the exiled berserker Rhodry Maelwaedd; and the ancient and powerful herbman Nevyn, all bound in a struggle against darkness. . . and a quest to fulfill the destinies determined centuries ago. Here in this newly revised edition comes the incredible novel that began one of the best-loved fantasy seers in recent years–a tale of bold adventure and timeless love, perilous battle and pure magic. For long-standing fans of Deverry and those who have yet to experience this exciting series, Daggerspell is a rare and special treat.

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Books list:

Katharine Kerr – Enchanted Forests.epub
Katharine Kerr – Resurrection.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Sorcerer 01] – Sorcerer’s Luck (retail) (epub).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 04-Silver Wyrm 04] – The Silver Mage (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 02-Westlands 02] – A Time Of Omens (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 02-Westlands 04] – A Time Of Justice (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 03-Dragon Mage 02] – The Black Raven.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 04-Silver Wyrm 01] – The Gold Falcon (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 03-Dragon Mage 03] – The Fire Dragon (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 04-Silver Wyrm 03] – The Shadow Isle.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 03-Dragon Mage 01] – The Red Wyvern.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 02-Westlands 03] – A Time Of War (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 04-Silver Wyrm 02] – The Spirit Stone.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 02-Westlands 01] – A Time Of Exile (v5.0).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Polar City 02] – Polar City Nightmare (with Kate Daniel) -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Nola O’Grady 04] – Love on the Run (v5).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Polar City 01] – Polar City Blues (with Kate Daniel) -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Nola O’Grady 01] – License to Ensorcell (epub).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Nola O’Grady 03] – Apocalypse to Go (v5).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Nola O’Grady 02] – Water to Burn (v5).epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 04] – Dragon Revenant -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 01] – Daggerspell -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 03] – The Bristling Wood (Dawnspell) -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – Palace – Mark Kreighbaum.epub
Katharine Kerr – Freeze Frames.epub
Katharine Kerr – [Deverry 02] – Darkspell (revised edition) -v5.epub
Katharine Kerr – Snare (v5).epub



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